Mast Cell Matters Podcast

Welcome to the Mast Cell Matters Podcast with Dr. Tania Dempsey. Each episode is a deep dive on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) with a top physician, researcher or other expert who specializes in treating patients with MCAS.

In the show, we take a practical approach to helping doctors and patients better manage MCAS. We cover the symptoms, testing, diagnosis, treatment, challenges, practical strategies, common comorbidities (e.g., POTS, hypermobility spectrum disorders, ME/CFS, autoimmunity, GI dysmotility), latest research findings and clinical pearls.

These episodes are a monthly feature of The POTScast, presented by Standing Up to POTS, a non-profit dedicated to improving life for those with POTS and related chronic illness. Check out our full podcast — with other types of great episodes — at

heart model

Cardiac manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Andrew Maxwell

Treating MCAS, POTS, and Long COVID can be difficult, and physicians must attack from various angles to get patients…

woman with stomach pain

GI Manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Leonard Weinstock

Dr. Weinstock, a gastroenterologist and leading expert on MCAS, discusses mast cells in the context of the GI tract.…

lab tests

Dr. Lawrence Afrin on MCAS Diagnostic Criteria “Consensus-2”

Dr. Afrin, a world expert in all things mast cell, talks in depth about issues with the first MCAS "consensus"…

doctor's desk

Diagnosis & Treatment of MCAS with Dr. Tania Dempsey

Dr. Dempsey shares her experience in both diagnosing and treating people with MCAS. She always looks for POTS and…

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Introduction to mast cells and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) with Dr. Tania Dempsey

Dr. Dempsey is helping us to launch a new series within the POTScast focusing on all things mast cells. These cells are…