Red Light Therapy Service

What is Red Light Therapy?

Here at the AIM Center, we’re constantly working to incorporate the most cutting edge technology to accompany our protocols and your healing journey.

One of our newest (and more exciting) therapies includes Red Light Therapy. (Hint – I love using this personally!)

The primary function of red light therapy is to increase energy production. Red Light Therapy stimulates the tissues of the body at the cellular level. How? The light energy is absorbed by the mitochondria of the cells, which energizes the mitochondria and accelerates healing of nerves and tissues.


It’s been proven that this biochemical reaction results in a multitude of health benefits.

  • Red light is primarily absorbed by your skin, leading to increased collagen production and optimal skin health.
  • Near-infrared light (NIR) penetrates deeper within your body - enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain and inflammation.

Clinically-proven benefits of light therapy include:

  • Skin health
  • Body contouring
  • Muscle recovery
  • Mental clarity
  • Athletic performance
  • Joint pain
  • Relaxation & improved sleep
  • Restore cellular health
  • Improve circulation to enable healing of tissues
  • Vasodilation increases blood flow with oxygen and nutrients
  • Complementary treatment for acne, hair loss, migraines, & fibromyalgia

At the AIM Center, we use the Trifecta Light Bed Pro 450 - a uniquely designed whole body photobiomodulation chamber with irradiance of up to 150 mW / cm2.

Trifecta red light bed
Trifecta red light bed

Why Humans Need Sunlight to Be Healthy

Our health is largely influenced by the light that we get each day.

Bioactive in Humans

Most of us are deeply unaware of the fact that many different types of light are bioactive in humans – which means they affect the functioning of human cells – and that our health is largely influenced by the dosage of these different types of light that we get each day.

These are the five types of bioactive light in humans:

  • BLUE LIGHT - sets the circadian rhythm in our brain, which in turn regulates numerous different neurotransmitters and hormones
  • UV LIGHT - allows us to synthesize vitamin D from the sun
  • FAR-INFRARED - acts to heat up our cells (part of the sun's spectrum that we feel as heat) which stimulates changes in cell function, as well as circulation changes
  • RED LIGHT - acts on the mitochondria in our cells to stimulate increased cellular energy (ATP) production (among other mechanisms)
  • NEAR-INFRARED ( NIR ) - acts on the same pathways as red light - particularly in the mitochondria on our cells to stimulate increased cellular energy (ATP) production

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What Exactly are Red and Near Infrared Light?

Red and near infrared lights are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and more specifically, part of the spectrum of light emitted by the sun (and fire light).

These wavelengths of light are "BIOACTIVE" in humans.

That means that these types of light literally affect the function of our cells. At the highest end of the visible light spectrum is red light, and above the visible light spectrum is near infrared.

Light in these red and near infrared wavelengths can have very positive effects on human health.

bright sun

Did You Know?

Red Light Therapy service is the best alternative to costly or painful surgery. It allows you to reap the rejuvenating skin and healing benefits without the downtime associated with more invasive procedures.